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  • Welcome to Seal Technologies Co

    Seal Technologies Co was founded in 2005 with the idea of providing cheaper computing options such as thin clients to customers who are unable to take full advantage of the available computing power that any computer system offers. Since then we have come a long way from manufacturing the humble thin client / diskless PC cards to now manufacturing complete embedded systems with choice of Linux or Windows.


    What We Offer?


    WinEM® Series
    Windows embedded thin clients

    Suitable for large enterprises in manufacturing and banking sectors, insurance companies, call centers and others requiring a Windows platform…
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    LinEM® Series
    Linux embedded thin clients

    Suitable for large and medium sector enterprises, requiring local applications and flexibility of protocols or printing on client end at reasonable costs.
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    News & updates

    • Do you have a technical query or are you facing any problems or issues relating to server operating systems? Mail it to us here and revert in a few days for a s

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